A Magical Family Weekend

Janelle and I are sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting for our flight to England. It was a long fabulous family reunion weekend and I am still stuffed from our many meals. My brother Paul and his wife Kim came with their two boys, gabriel, 7, and Nicholas, 5, from Colorado Springs. My brother David and his wife Renee came with their twin 3-yr-olds, Ty and Stone, from Seattle. I flew down from Portland. We held our reunion in Danville, California at my brother Georges house, along with his wife Cathy and their daughters Janelle, 18, the proud graduate, and Megan, 16. My dad came down from Vancouver with his wife, and my mom was there. She lives in the next town over, Pleasanton. We went to Janelle’s graduation Friday night, a breakfast Saturday morning, a grad party Saturday late afternoon, a train ride Sunday morning, a 50th birthday lunch Sunday for my older brother George, and a barbeque Sunday evening. Can you tell my family likes to eat well? We all had a marvelous time, catching up on news and watching the kids run themselves into a stupor. We all agreed we needed to do this every year. I hope we do…..it was a weekend where I felt completely surrounded by LOVE.

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