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You Don’t Get To Take This Away From Me

You don’t get to take this away from me. You just DON”T. I won’t let you. I won’t let you diminish the joy I will feel when Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman president of the United States. I don’t … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Lost Years

A friend had a birthday recently and was asked the question on whether she would go back and live part of her life over, if given the chance. If so, would she go back to her 20s or 30s or … Continue reading

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There’s things to miss when one’s alone, that liquid jolt, the murmured sighs, light strokes on the back of neck. the deep felt crave which sleeps most days does rise in burnished night, tampered down from weary limbs but lurking … Continue reading

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Your Heart Should Have Buoys

Your heart should have buoys around its shores warning any adventurous sort not to venture too close. With flashing strobes and a strident moan… stay back stay back stay back. But there’s always going to be someone like me willing … Continue reading

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As She Gathered Her Skirts

As she gathered her skirts and headed briskly up the staircase she hoped the view was worth the strain on her tender lungs, bruised from the ill-fated excursion to the Teparda bog the evening before. The effects of the poisonous … Continue reading

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Free From the Past

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They Dance There Still

Strewn feathers across the grass Leavings from a violent death. Blast tumbled shoe across the tile We leave so much of ourselves behind.   Death laps the blood from the stained dance floor where hearts beat true and free, Coward’s … Continue reading

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Hillary Wrote Me a Letter

And here it is.  I thought what she had to say was so profound…I had to share it.   Lynette — On Sunday, Americans woke up to a nightmare: Another act of terrorism in a place no one expected it, … Continue reading

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For My Friends Who Love Bernie

My Republicans friends…I love you but this post is not for you.  It’s for us left-leaning Democrats and Independents.  See you next post, okay?   My friends who love Bernie…it should be no secret that I am a Hillary supporter. … Continue reading

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The Limp

Imagine you have a limp.  Imagine that your leg was badly injured many years ago, and for reasons of your own, you didn’t seek treatment and so the leg healed badly and now you limp.  Most days you get along … Continue reading

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