Three Burrows, Maybe Four

hedgehog fall

Meesies likes it when the forest is oh so quiet and peacefullies. I can wander about and munch on little crunchie squigglies and snuggle away in my three cozy burrows. I am thinking of digging a fourth in case my little missus decides to wander over and sqoochy with me but I haven’t seen her in a while so that can wait. There’s plenty to do and see when the skies and trees are dark and only an owl hooting far away.

There’s a new menace in the forest though, a bully-bully of a huge orange Tabby cat, with a floppy belly and a limited vocabulary.  He only knows how to hissy and growl, and while we laugh so mirthy at him behind his back, he’s a danger to us one and all.

Last night he came upon me unawares, while I had a juicy worm nicely wiggling down my throat and startled I began to choke! He tried to bat a paw at me but struck my spines while I was balled up, it was a messy fright I couldn’t relaxy for hours after.

What more can I do?  I am only one hedgehog. 

He don’t like my spines so I do have that. I want to be able to wander tonight but what if he returns? Ah, but if I could only set a trappie for him to make him squack and run..he is a coward at heart I can see that.  My mind darts here and there and all of a sudden I have a plansie…..

I will invite Frankies and the missus over to help and together we will run him out of our forest never to returns. He always comes from the direction of the house over yonders and through the hole in the thicket, jumping over a shallow dip in the ground. I shalls dig the dip a bit deeper.  Me’s not like to climb much, its so awkward like, but I can climb to the branch over the thicket……when he comes through I will drop as a ballsie onto his fat head, which will knock him into the dip, where Frankies and the missus are balled up too….so many spine-sies, he’s sure to squall all the way back home! And yes, the merriment when he does!

When one hedgehog joins another hedgehog, and another, as well, oh magic can happen when we work as teamsies! And since the missus will already be here….maybe even more magic tonight, me dreams….


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  1. When reading this my mind kept going to Alex and his Droogies from a Clockwork Orange.

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