The View From 52

vintage me two-001I turned 52 today and I must say it feels pretty great.  I just had the realization that at this point in my life I have the most love in my life I have ever had.  And I have always had love in my life…from family and friends and special guys here and there too.  But somehow there’s more than ever before.  My life keeps expanding, at a time when for many it starts shrinking.  I feel lucky and blessed.  I am spending my birthday weekend at my dad’s beach house in Charleston near Coos Bay and it’s one of my favorite places in the world.  So lovely and peaceful.  I find myself today thinking more about my future and not any of my past.  Thinking of all the things yet to accomplish and travel to and do.  All the friendships to deepen and delight in, and family to cherish and enjoy the company of…and all the romance that lies ahead for me too.  It’s a bountiful and beautiful world.

beach house view

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1 Response to The View From 52

  1. Teri says:

    So glad to be your friend and to celebrate your special day !!!!

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