Getting on an airplane on 9/11

On a recent trip to the south my friend and I happened to drive through several areas that had just been destroyed by tornadoes.  Everyone we talked to had been affected by the tornadoes…some had lost relatives or neighbors…lost businesses or power for a week, their roof or just all the trees in their yards.  It was a sobering look at how a tragedy affects so many people.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. A lot of people have shared  recollections of where they were when they heard the news.  My husband (at the time) had just left for his office that morning, when he came back in the house and said something awful has happened.  We turned on the tv and watched for hours….and days.  With all the chaos going on we barely noticed that our next door neighbor had been out of town.  A week later he silently placed 2 small American flags on the corner of his lawn.  It turned out that his mother and his sister were on the 2nd plane that crashed into the twin towers. He had been in Utah organizing their funerals.   He is a very private man and it must have been agonizing to have his private tragedy be so public.  And we hear the stories over and over….all the pain and suffering from the events of this day.  All Americans were affected deeply.

How many decades before the words “September 11th” don’t cause pain?  How many generations before they lose their heavy weight?  I write this tonight while waiting for a flight in an airport.  It did feel a bit strange to be flying on 9/11, but it didn’t stop me from flying today. I didn’t even consider changing the date. I am happy to report that the airport is bustling.  We Americans have never wavered in our bravery and resiliency.


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  1. Paris Flea says:

    Thanks for visiting us. We hope you had a safe and pleasant flight home! Your blog is LOVELY!

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