Pittypat’s Porch

   They are big in tradition here in Atlanta and so are we.  Over the years we have been coming to the Atlanta Gift Market we have figured out what works for us and usually have the same general master plan year to year.  We know which buildings and showrooms we are going to peruse on Friday, Saturday, and so forth.  One of our favorite rituals is the tradition of going to Pittypat’s Porch on Sunday night, after three long days of shopping.  Our feet are tired, our spirits are high, and we just want to reward ourselves for all our hard work.

Pittypat’s Porch is a southern style restaurant located right outside building one of the Market.  It is all about Gone With The Wind.  Aunt Pittypat herself greets you from her picture right inside the door.

There are many pictures and stills from the movie everywhere you look.  You can have your picture taken with Scarlet and Rhett.

One of the most charming features are the rocking chairs placed all around the balcony so you can sit and rock and have a drink while you are waiting for your table.

Once downstairs you are seated and water is poured for you into chilled pewter goblets.  The pewter goblets give such an added freshness.  There’s a fabulous salad bar with true southern style salads and our waiter Caleb was charming and a quick wit.  We both had filet steaks with the most incredible mashed potatoes this side of heaven.  I dream about those mashed potatoes.

This is what I dream about all day Sunday….my Mint Julep.  A trip to Atlanta wouldn’t be complete without it.  We sit and have our nice little drink and chat about all the trends we saw and the favorite things we ordered at market.  With only a half day left to shop…we are always a little sad that our time at market has gone by so quickly, but inspired by everything we have seen and ready to come back to Portland and start putting our new ideas into making Penelopes as fabulous as possible!

Thank you Atlanta for being so friendly and hospitable.  It makes our life and job so much easier.  Going to market is incredibly fun, as well as physically and mentally exhausting.  We appreciate anew each year how nice everyone is here and so willing to make it go as smoothly as possible.  From the police officers on the streets around the market directing traffic so we can safely get between the buildings, to the employees of the gift market, who always have a friendly greeting and helpful attitude.  There’s no other market like the Atlanta market.  Your southern hospitality is legendary.

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1 Response to Pittypat’s Porch

  1. Mom says:

    Brings back lots of memories although it does look a little different than it did in 1985. Loved it then though!!

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