The Ten Trees of Christmas

We love themes here at Penelope’s and what better way to do themes than themed Christmas trees!  We had so much fun at market choosing very special ornaments for each tree and deciding which trees to feature this year.  Take a look!

This was by far our most popular tree last year so we really went to town on it this year.  We call it our Peacock tree and it is filled with gorgeous jewel tones, with lime green, turquoise, magenta and purple accents and beautiful sparkly birds.  We’ve already had two offers to buy the entire tree!

Our beach tree is very popular as lots of local folks also have a vacation house at the beach and love to decorate a tree there as well as home.  Our ornaments include mermaids, seahorses, beach snowmen and many more charming shell-inspired goodies.

One whole large area in the shop is dedicated to Cottage and this fairytale tree fits right in! Gorgeous pastel houses, butterflies, fairies, and more, in beautiful soft tones.

This is our tree with an attitude! We call it our Girly tree and it features flamingos, cupcakes, crowns, princess signs, and signs about being a diva!

Our whimsy children’s tree features elves and santas, signs about parents and grandparents, toys, sock monkeys, and many more whimsical ornaments.

A new addition the our family this year was this gorgeous red and silver tree.  Last year we did an all silver tree and adding sparkly red to it this year took it to a whole new level!

One of our most beautiful trees is our Harvest Tuscany tree…in shades of copper, gold and chocolate brown.  It’s fabulous!

Our newest tree this year was our Wine tree, in shades of burnished silver, burgundy, and plum. Gorgeous velvet birds, wine bottles and glasses, and french words! A really fun addition to our family!

It wouldn’t be Oregon without a Lodge tree…lots of fun camping and outdoor ornaments.  We even have a Coleman lantern!

Our last tree is a gorgeous Victorian…which unfortunately was reluctant to be photographed. Our customers come from near and far to shop our fun trees….they know they are sure to find unique ornaments at very reasonable prices!

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