Tag Sale 2010


Welcome to our annual Tag Sale 2010!  Our big feature this year was 100s and 100s of books.  Paperback and hardback, old and newish, Fiction and nonfiction….the selection was amazing.  Many came off our container from England.  And all were just $1.00 each, with paperbacks 3 for a dollar.  Such a deal!  Customers carried sacks home with them.

We had a full shabby cottage area, with lots of lovely quilts and wicker furniture.  There were lots of gorgeous vintage linens…all priced down to sell.

There was vintage melmac, old pottery, an old trunk and several vintage chairs, and several interesting old food tins.   Our parking lot was full!  For those who missed it, we will be having a sidewalk sale the next two weeks…we pulled some of the best that was left and will have new items as well.  Come take a look!

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  1. Mom says:

    Looks like fun!!

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