slow-poke thinking


There’s always one on every road.  I see at least one every day I drive to my shop or around town.  When traffic starts slowing down you can bet there’s someone up ahead driving slow and causing a logjam and making the rest of us bunch up as we try to get around and get back to our regular speed.  It drives me nuts, no pun intended.  I am no speed demon but I certainly like to go the speed limit and usually five miles over.  It’s amazing how one bad driver can slow down loads of us decent drivers.  It’s the same way one negative thought can slow us down and stop all the positive thoughts from getting through.  I am not always good at getting those negative thoughts off the road and out of my head.  I spend too much time on them……to the detriment of all the good thoughts I could be thinking.  It is so hard not to obsess.  Even over silly little things.  Why do we do this? Why care if that clerk at the supermarket was rude or if I spilled mustard on my shirt or dropped my cell phone in a parking lot?  Well the cell phone is a little bigger deal but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a tragedy.  I need to learn to push those slowpoke thoughts off the road so all my creative, positive, artistic, joyful thoughts have a clear path.

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  1. Love the images you include in your writing. Very nice blog.

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