Trixie and Lulu return Home with some amazing stats

We returned home and unloaded the U-Haul Saturday afternoon…look at our finds!

37 plastic bins and boxes filled with fabulous vintage smalls and 20+ pieces of furniture

1300 miles on Miss Daisy the minivan..and 2000 miles on Jeb the U-Haul

We achieved complete burn-out on hotel-freebie waffles.

We went thru  severe weather in several states, including tornado debris fields, lightning storms, hailstorms, flooding that went up to the edge of the road, and a snow storm in Wyoming.  We had 92 degree weather and 35 degree weather.

We suffered thru a nasty potty at a flea market in Sweetwater Tennessee and a scary shower stall in a motel in Oklahoma City.

We had no cellphone service in all of Wyoming.

 Introducing Jeanne to the wonder that is Waffle House and her obsession with Waffle House thereafter.  Times we ate breakfast at Waffle House–5. 

Other fun stats:

*number of times I ate Meat Loaf and Mac n’cheese—3

*number of people admonishing us to “be careful out there”—229

*number of bugs on the windshield—5932

*number of Diet Cokes consumed—100+

*number of times we were junk drunk—18

*number of urges to flip other drivers off—2

*number of speeding tickets—0 ( a miracle!)

*number of friendly people we met—300+

*number of times Bridget the GPS steered us wrong—8

*number of times OMG was uttered either in dismay or amazement—162

*number of high fives after a really good pick—42

*number of good tips by helpful people that led us to amazing picks—4

*number of times we quoted American Pickers–57

10 states…..13 days….3300 miles total…..

Opportunity to spend my birthday doing my 2 favorite things…travelling and treasure hunting——PRICELESS!


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