You Don’t Get To Take This Away From Me

You don’t get to take this away from me. You just DON”T.

I won’t let you.

I won’t let you diminish the joy I will feel when Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman president of the United States.

I don’t care if you are a sour-grapes Bernie supporter or reluctantly voting for Hillary because you can’t stand the idea of Donald in the White House. I just don’t care. I really don’t. And if you are supporting and voting for Trump? Go read someone else. This is not the place for you. Just go away.

I am just done. I am done with the negativity and rhetoric. I am done with the attacks with no evidence and no merit. I am done with the lack of outrage over how Hillary Clinton has been treated in this campaign. This election cycle has sunk to a depth never seen before and not enough people are up in arms over it. Why is it okay? Is that who we have become? When we don’t immediately chastise and repulse a candidate who has the audacity to say and act towards his opponent in the most horrifying ways ever seen?Who is verbally abusive and worse? Who are YOU that that’s okay with you?

I did some phone banking for Hillary during the primaries. It was challenging and hard. I got hung up on several times and told off several other times by Bernie supporters. But I also had several really wonderful conversations with women and men who were absolutely thrilled to be voting for Hillary and I could tell they were so eager to share their excitement with a kindred spirit. The joy in their voices was lovely to hear.One was an elderly woman and her voice quivered with emotion as she said how she couldn’t believe that she was going to finally have a woman for her president. I said…well isn’t it about time? We laughed together and she said she hadn’t been sure she would live long enough to see it. And then we both sighed. That sigh women share.

The glass ceiling is real. I ran into it myself. In the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s I worked for a corporation that had 332 managers and around 30 of them were women, including me. I was told by my regional manager that women shouldn’t be managers. He didn’t feel we were capable of doing the job. And yet, I did the job and did it so well I was eventually promoted to being a regional manager myself, much to his surprise. I was lucky that not everyone at that company had his attitude towards women. But I could see the writing on the wall, as upper management were all men and when I left the company I started my own business.

There are millions of stories like mine and part of the dynamic of this election is the over-whelming sexism shown towards Hillary, by both men and women. And yet, she has forged ahead, with grace and dignity, and courage under fire. I love Hillary Clinton and I think she’s going to be a fine president. I will vote for her proudly and will be cheering loudly as the results come in and she is elected in a landslide….and I already have the champagne ready.

You don’t get to take this victory away from me. You don’t get to take this moment away from me. I am not going to let you.

Either celebrate with me or don’t.

But if you choose not to….take your sulking and ranting elsewhere. It’s not allowed in my little part of the universe. Here we are happy. Here we are gleeful. Here we cry tears of joy.

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1 Response to You Don’t Get To Take This Away From Me

  1. I am celebrating already. It’s been an ugly year, but now it’s five days away, and it’s happening. The First Woman President—Hillary. It does make me cry and hurrah!

    Your words here are Beautiful, Brilliant, Bold and—it’s all ‘Bout to happen! Thanks; the Moon is full (of Love) and the Sun is coming UP!

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