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New Leaves on a Willow

NEW LEAVES ON A WILLOW Where yesterday were bare gold stems, March’s windy stratagems Have today miraculously Wrought new leaves on a willow tree. New leaves so mistily winged and small They seem to spray from a waterfall; Water cascading … Continue reading

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Ours was More a Sudden Notice

“It was winter when I first saw Call Lucas, though I’d seen him, sure, before.  Ours was more a sudden notice, like a secret thought grown big, then bigger, till you blurt it out and nearly jump inside your skin … Continue reading

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A Face She Could Have Fallen in Love With

-an excerpt from a story I am working on.

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We Launch From Porlock!

“James drove us to Porlock Weir, a snug harbor with tearoom and seaside hotel, about ten miles from Lynmouth.  A few tour buses stop next to the Old Ship Inn, for Porlock is a local attraction.  A famous sea rescue … Continue reading

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Listen Closely Because It Will Answer Back

“She loved that house very much.  Whenever we returned to it, from far or near, she grew excited, filled with high spirits.  “Soon we’ll be home!” she would say, and once arrived she would add, “Here we are, we’re home!” … Continue reading

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It’s Such an Interesting World

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There are Days that Sparkle

Yesterday was a most marvelous day. Lunch beneath a grand old chandelier at a diner that’s half antique shop, with black and white checkered floors. Driving along the curves of a gleaming river. Hours of conversation with a philosopher friend. … Continue reading

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