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Rooms ( a poem by Ethel Romig Fuller)

ROOMS In church this morning I had a view Of nothing but heads From my rear view. I played with the fancy Each was a room—- Some of them needing Dustcloth and  broom. Many were fine Company places; A few … Continue reading

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Getting Spooked in Savannah

I keep an open mind when it comes to ghosts, spirits, hauntings and the like….in my opinion there’s so much we DON”T know about life and death. Friends and family members have seen things, felt things, heard things…and a few … Continue reading

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Top Five Trends at Atlanta Gift Market January 2015

Robin and I just got back from an exciting time at our annual trip to the Atlantasmart Gift Show in downtown Atlanta.  It’s always so exciting to see the newest trends, colors and styles.  What we found very interesting this … Continue reading

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She Had That Rare Gift

“He followed her obediently and it occurred to him as they crossed the room that she had that rare gift, so rare that he had some difficulty remembering that it was only a gift, of being able to talk directly … Continue reading

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Ordinary Life is Laced with Miracles

“Ordinary life was laced with miracles, I knew that, had read enough poetry to understand that we are elevated with the knowing, and yet it was difficult to notice and be grateful when one was continually fatigued and irritated.  I … Continue reading

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Barreled Against Every Challenge

“Brigadier Driscoll was coming from the pond.  In youth an athlete, Driscoll held himself in past tension, barreled against every challenge.  Wet and near naked, his body was corded by evidence of past exploits, muscles and sinews pushing up through … Continue reading

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Peonies & Penelopes

Pam from Peonies & Possibilities and I have been doing outdoor antique faires together for several years now and we have so much fun and share similar tastes so our treasures really blend well.  We keep adding display components to … Continue reading

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