Peonies & Penelopes

Pam from Peonies & Possibilities and I have been doing outdoor antique faires together for several years now and we have so much fun and share similar tastes so our treasures really blend well.  We keep adding display components to our booth…layer upon layer to create a visual feast.

We recently did the Plucky Maiden Junkfest event at Oaks Park in Portland and we were very pleased with the show and the response to our booth.  We had worked hard at doing fabric fringe banners to go around the top of the booth and made more of the large paper flowers.  But best of all, I found an old screen door and old supermarket sign letters and Pam painted it and added the twine and old clothespins and we were thrilled with our new addition that stands behind our check-out desk!


Scarlett and Fried Chicken

IMAG0549Sometimes we just need a girlfriend moment.  With so much going on in our lives….just time to spend a few hours doing something fun and frivolous.  My friend Pam had just finished reading Gone With the Wind and had gotten a copy of the movie to watch because she had never seen it.  It’s one of my favorites, so we decided to spend Monday afternoon watching the movie and eating southern food.  It’s a long long movie so we needed plenty of fortification.  We had southern fried chicken, biscuits, coleslaw, deviled eggs and plenty of sweet iced tea,  with peach cobbler for dessert.  So much great food and so much to laugh about during the movie, even with it’s sobering themes.  We cheered when Aunt Pitty Pat came on the screen…we love going to the restaurant Pittypat’s Porch in Atlanta when we visit for AmericasMart in January. (the picture above is Pam at the restaurant.)  I always get teary-eyed during the scene where Scarlett walks through the acres of dead and wounded soldiers, and of course when Melanie dies.  I love the costumes and the gorgeous cinematography.  Pam remarked on how dark the movie is…and how the moments of humor helped lighten the mood.  She also noted how much older the actors appeared, compared to how old the characters are in the book.  After all, Scarlett is 16…when she has her grand appearance at 12 Oaks.  Vivien Leigh was 25 when she played the role.  I always notice new things every time I see the movie. (I was honing in on all the items on the shelves at Frank’s store this time around.)  I’ve also noticed that my reactions to the movie have changed throughout my life…perhaps because of my own life experiences.  And that is what keeps the movie fresh for me.  It’s always wonderful to watch….and extra fun to experience it with someone who hadn’t watched it before. It was a fun afternoon…and a needed escape.  And there was even enough peach cobbler left over for seconds!


Bravery Could Emerge in Tiny Doses

etsy miss nobody0001“She didn’t want to be noticed.  It suddenly struck her what an advantage that might have given her, if, like Primo Levi, she’d been taken to Auschwitz.  It was good not to attract attention.  She had no skills that might have saved her, as his knowledge of chemistry saved him, and no beauty that might have preserved her life as a sexual slave, but maybe she had other qualities which she had never recognized.  Primo Levi, she read, said that years after he left Auschwitz he could still tell within the first five minutes of meeting someone new whether they would have survived in the camp.  He’d said this without needing to know what talents people had–it was all based on a reading of character.  Character was everything, character and personality, which had nothing to do with either physical strength or cleverness.  Did she have it?  Was there within her an innate toughness in spite of her reserve and shyness?  Would it have been a life-saver, looked at through Auschwitz eyes, that she was usually quiet and rarely spoke up for herself and avoided confrontation unless provoked?  Would all these traits she despised in herself actually have proved to be assets?

She read for another hour and then put the book aside.  Harry would be home soon.  When she’d brought the book home, he’d groaned and said couldn’t she have picked something more cheerful.  It’s bad for you, he’d said, reading this kind of depressing stuff.  But he was wrong.  On the contrary, she knew it was proving good for her.  Primo Levi’s survival consoled her.  It was making her more respectful of her own survival.  What she had had to survive was as nothing compared to Primo Levi’s prolonged ordeal, it was offensive to speak of her own ordeal in the same breath, but nevertheless she saw that by not collapsing or breaking down, but instead of carrying on as usual, she had shown some small measure of courage.  Bravery didn’t have to come in dramatic form, it could emerge in tiny doses  and be built upon.  She should give herself some credit.”

-Margaret Forster, Is There Anything You Want?


Lovely Dame

pbk laugh at themselvesI LOVE terms of endearment.  It amuses me to no end to call my cat Coco “puppy”.  It’s one of my little loving names for her, as is Sweet Pumpkin Girl. I think loving and/or funny nicknames add a wonderful depth to a relationship…it’s part of the world you create together.

My brother David calls me Sissy, at first to tease me and now as a loving gesture, and his wife calls me Sassy.  My first major nickname, Lacy was given to me in college by Debbie, my college roommate and it became such a big part of my life….I used it as an artist name for many years and there are plenty of people who know me first by that name.  I even have an ex who had “Lacy” tattooed on his body…not once, but twice.

Debbie and I started calling each other Punkin and Sweetpea.  I call my dad Daddy-O.  He likes it.  I have friends I call Little Miss Sassy Pants, Miss Pink, Boo boo, and funny Donna.  One calls me Phoenix.  My boyfriend calls me Sunshine and I call him Handsome.  My mom and I have fun calling each other Mommy Dearest and Daughter Dearest.  I call myself a glitter girl and Miss Smarty Pants.

But my all-time favorite nickname is what my 8-year-old nephew Ty calls me.  Lovely Dame.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Our Brookhaven Spring Show is almost here!

We worked hard on our displays today, and tomorrow we will be putting the finishing touches before opening our doors at 5pm for our Preview party…..we have several new vendors this show, including two fabulous furniture curators, handmade candles, upcycled fashion accessories from vintage zippers, and a locally made luscious fruit salsa!

Preview night Wednesday April 9, 5pm-8pm

Opening day Thursday April 10, 10am-7pm

Friday April 11 10am-7pm

Saturday April 12 10am-5pm

Last Day April 13 11am-4pm

Spring is in the air…and on the roof

woodpeckerAh, Spring.  The daffodils are blooming in the front yard.  The air feels fresh and new.  A lucky mild sunny day here and there.  A Woodpecker has become enamored with our house.

It must be love….day after day….hour after hour…passionate pecking. Tap tap tap.  Tap tap tap.  He’s truly the Don Juan of woodpeckers.  His tenacity is admirable. Sounds charming, doesn’t it? It is amusing for ten minutes. Ten hours?  Not so much. How do you convince a woodpecker his choice of our house as the most desirable in our neighborhood is ill-advised?  How do you steer his amorous attentions elsewhere?  And as a true romantic, should we stop the knocking on the heart of our home?