I Now Have a Substantial Past

Overhanging Rock, Yosemite National Park (9)-001

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Believe You’re the Hero of the Play


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A Whisper Can be Stronger

woman thinking

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To Discover What is Beautiful

The Art of Happiness

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I Like To Take My Basket and Go to Market Early



I like to take my basket

And go to market early–

Radishes are pinkest then,

Lettuces most curly.

Beets still pyramided

To a magenta crest;

Cauliflowers are snowballs;

Peas, their snappiest.

In the blue and silver

Of the rutabagas

Is material enough

For a dozen sagas.

An ode to summer

In each ripe tomato;

Laughter lurking in the eyes

Of every potato.

I like to market early—

It seems to me a stew

Is more savory if cabbages

And carrots taste of dew.

–Ethel Romig Fuller, Kitchen Sonnets

For my wonderful mom (who likes to market early)

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Eiffel Tower at Dusk from Montmartre

Eiffel tower

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Annie Dillard on Loss


“When Ella Fitzgerald sang “There’s someone I’m trying so hard to forget….don’t you want to forget someone too?”– these facile breathy lyrics struck me as an unexpectedly true expression of how it felt to be alive.  This was experience at its most private and inarticulate:  longing and loss.”

–Annie Dillard, An American Childhood

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